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gut_stains0's Journal

Randi Padgett
21 June 1995
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an old man walked up to me
and he said
this place is all fucked up now,
he said he liked it better before.

and I told him
that I agreed.

I thought the same thing.

they've knocked down
all the old buildings and they've gone and replaced them
with those pastel colored stucco boxes
all stamped out
by the same cookie cutter.

and they tore down my favorite movie theater,
I thought that place was a historical landmark.

but now
right where that theater stood
is the parking lot
for another electronics superstore.

it's like nothing's sacred anymore.
they laid down six lanes of freeway
right through the backyard
of the house where I grew up,
it's all changed,
my old school is gone too...

the old man
let out a sigh and shook his head.
he took his glasses off,
put his hands on his hips
and he glared at me.
I saw in his eyes
equal portions of
and disbelief...

he said
when I said I liked it better before
I meant
before those old buildings were even built
when this valley
was nothing but orchards.

before that movie theater,
before that freeway,
before your old house
before your old school
and way before you.

now it's all fucked up.

-Eric Victorino
Trading Shadows for Sunshine